My first photography was at Argentina 1974, taking a picture of my Family. Since then, i love the idea that i can document everything.

Photos and Videos and much more. Back in the 80’s i received a Gift from my parents, a beautiful kit “Nikkormat”, 36 rolling slides or film. I’m amazed of seeing myself on pictures of friends or events, with the Camera.
This year i have decided to bring my photography to higher level.

With your help i can do it. Always learning.
Please contact with me for any question, i will be delighted, more than happy, to be in touch.

Alon Spiegel אלון שפיגל

resting a bit with a selfy.

While waiting to the stars,

milk way

Alon today:
Ready for your call:

אלון שפיגל Alon Spiegel
Alon Spiegel אלון שפיגל
השמים אינם הגבול
Sky is not the limit
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Videography - Product 1
Videography - Product 2
Videography - Product 3

Please fill and send.... be in touch.... אנא מלאו את הטופס ונחזור אליכם עם הצעת מחיר

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